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Addi Rocket 2 [Squared] 32" Needle

Addi Rocket 2 [Squared] 32" Needle

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Here's the Rocket [Squared] circular needle that's easy on the hands and innovatively designed. A combination of slightly rounded squared edges and a uniquely textured tip surface promotes positive ergonomics.

Especially beneficial for those who knit fast and those who find arthritis and other grip issues a challenge, these needles feed the stitches evenly and carefully.

  • Textured and squared for ergonomic comfort
  • Long taper and sharp tips
  • Slick Turbo finish
  • Smooth joins
  • Pliable cable

Suggested retail (varies by needle size): $15.00 to $22.50

Wanda's designer comment: I knit a lot of hats. When our supplier sent a sample of the Rocket Squared needle in a circular 16" -- US #7, I was skeptical of how well this dimpled surface, squared shape would work.

I still wear the first hat that I knit using that needle! I absolutely love working with the tapered points and textured surface. Stitches feed evenly as I move them along the needle shaft. I find I'm less likely to drop stitches. All in all, I'm a big fan of Rocket Squared needles!
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