About Us

We’ve been on Main Street in our small town of Pigeon, Michigan for a long time. Website owner Wanda Eichler started a quilt shop, Pigeon River Mercantile & Wool Co. on Election Day in November 1992. A popular destination for quilters on the east side of Michigan, The Mercantile closed its doors in February of 2002.

Quilters always clamored for new patterns and more classes. In designing to meet those needs, Graywood Designs was born. With over 50 published quilting patterns, five books, and block of the month pattern series, Graywood began branching out to the knitting world with its first knitting design in 2002.

By 2009 Graywood Designs had morphed into a curated collection of fine needles, hand knitting yarns, and classic designs. Crocheters and knitters alike look to Graywood Designs as a website that delivers color and class, innovation and interest.

When perusing our collections, you will see that we don’t subscribe to every jot and tittle in the fiber arts world. Our carefully chosen yarns are ones that we like to use, the hooks and needles are premium quality, and the pricing is generously competitive.

We invite you to order and enjoy our products.