Knit the Boots Shawl Project

Knit the Boots Shawl Project

We love shawls.

Whether you are crocheting or knitting, the promise of a shawl draped around your shoulders is a pleasing image that keeps the yarn moving through your hands. Here's a project where multicolor yarns do all of the work and the cotton in the blend makes for lovely drape. 

House Down Boots Shawl marries a bobble crochet border with a dropped stitch garter and stockinette knit stitch. The pattern is a free download from Ravelry. Our Project Pack for this shawl includes two contrasting colors of Boots by Schoppel Wolle (the ones we used in our sample) and a printout of the pattern.

2078 Make Hay and 2385 Flying Dutchman

are the colors used in our sample

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