Using Up Those Wonderful Brown Sheep Leftovers

Lamb’s Pride Worsted Charcoal Heather M04

Felted mittens and a honeycomb pattern hat, both exquisite projects, are the results of studio knitter Pat Duever’s resourceful use of extra yarn. Knitters are always looking for ways to use those extra skeins that somehow seem to accumulate. Pat had extra skeins of a favorite worsted yarn by Brown Sheep.

Pat used Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted to knit a Kahlua cardigan by Thea Colman. She finished that cardigan last summer and had some leftover skeins.

Now, here at Graywood Designs, we will always urge you to buy more yardage than you will need for big projects like cardigans since there are so many variables in hand knitting AND we know how helpful it can be to have an extra skein or two floating around a knitting basket!

Knowing that Lamb’s Pride is a super good felting yarn, come December, Pat knit and felted a pair of mittens. And she knit a hat in a textured stitch that is also a forte of Lamb’s Pride.

Great work, Pat, and thank you for sharing your photos with Graywood Designs!

Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted comes in fantastic neutral colors. Pat used M04 Charcoal Heather. We like these neutral colors too: M02 Brown Heather, M115 Oatmeal, M01 Sandy Heather.

A reminder: Please don’t confuse Lamb’s Pride Worsted with Lamb’s Pride Superwash, another great worsted weight yarn by Brown Sheep. The superwash worsted will NOT felt; regular Lamb’s Pride worsted is a champion at felting. That superwash wool, on the other hand, is great for hats and mitts that need to see the inside of a washing machine!