Tiara — Yarn With a Bit of Bling

Little beads that sparkle. Sequins, small ones, that glitter. Not too many but just enough.

That’s what HiKoo Tiara has. A bit of bling. We like the natural colors, with names like Amber Waves, TANtalizing and Champagne.

Tiara knits up fast and has some acrylic for durability and softeness. We’ve had good luck knitting it on larger needles like a US #11. The work goes fast and the more open fabric accents the sparkle of the tiny sequins and beads.

Even one skein makes a short, elegant scarf. Or maybe think about a shawl or cardigan.

HiKoo Tiara was priced at $29.95. Our sale price is $20.95 per 188 yard skein. 

Don’t miss adding this speciality yarn to your stash!