The Wolkenspiel Punch Bowl

While out antiquing some years ago, I found this Fostoria American punch bowl at the Bay City Antiques Mall in Bay City, Michigan. Over the years it has held lemonade, wine corks, pine cones, birthday cards, spiked punch and lots more.

When we added Wolkenspiel, a luxurious sock weight yarn from Germany, to our website, I looked for a way to photograph the yarn. Wanting to showcase the colors and the elegance, I arranged the yarn in the heavy glass of the big bowl and, wow, do I like the result!

The softness of the rounded yarn, the thick yet clear glass, and the depth of color add up to a striking image. There’s a story about Wolkenspiel that will give you a glimpse of how we order yarn here at the Graywood Designs website.

The Story of How We Found Wolkenspiel and Came to Like It 

Subtitle: Froggy Green Eats It’s Way Into a Knitter’s Heart

Several years ago, our distributor featured Wolkenspiel yarn in a knit along. We order the suggested colors which were bright and gaudy. Think hunter orange and Bryn Mawr green. The green one was the green and yellow blend known as Tree Frog. The yarn was pricey. The knit along never caught hold. Nobody wanted to buy the few skeins that we had.

When that happens, I often add those skeins to my personal stash. The Tree Frog yarn got tucked away and forgotten until I started using helical knitting. With helical knitting one yarn is pitted against a second yarn in a series of thin stripes. Depending on color, Yarn One can blend with Yarn Two. Or  the opposite happens — Yarn One stands out from Yarn Two.

My first helical project was a pair of socks for my teenage grandson’s rather large feet. He wears Size 13 shoes, so I knew that I had to have more than the standard 100 gram skein of yarn or I would run out of yarn before the large pair were done.  A pair of helical socks would be perfect. Funky, stripey, and I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of yarn.

I called those socks “Max’s Froggy Socks” and they were a big hit. The socks use a skein of discontinued multicolor yarn in a nondescript, calm color that is pitted against the green and yellow of the Tree Frog Wolkenspiel.

I had some Tree Frog left over and used that to swatch up some lace on US #5 needles. That swatch made the froggy yarn into a lace wonder. Who would have thought that froggy green could have fashion flair?!

And when there was even more Tree Frog left (I’m pretty sure I started with two skeins), the froggy green went into helical hats for little grand nephews to wear under their ski helmets. I held two strands together and knit those little hats on US #7 needles. I used HiKoo Simplicity in a sweet green as the second color in those helical hats.

The Wolkenspiel has become a favorite! I love the rounded feel of the yarn, the softness as I knit with it, and the gorgeous, drop dead colors.

So take a look. Think of this yarn for shawls and hats as well as for socks. We love finding great yarn for you, our knit and crochet freinds. Order some Wolkenspiel for your stash and dream of projects to come.



PS Yes, I’m working on writing up the helical knitting method and the Helical Helmet Hats for kids. Stay tuned.