Take a Look at HiKoo Llamor










Hey knitters!

Take a look at HiKoo Llamor. HiKoo Llamor is made from 100% baby llama fiber. A DK weight yarn, Llamor is soft and warm and smooth to knit. It knit up beautifully into a classic poncho that is easily tossed over head and shoulders. This design knits up easy and is a good carry around project that will get you through several weeks of knitting time.

Here I am, modeling the poncho, at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. That’s the boardwalk around the gingko trees just outside of the ice cream parlor at the hotel.

Our sample poncho uses Color 1753 Bosque/Forest. It is a green that is almost brown. I chose this color as a change up from the usual gray or black cover up. Pat, who knit this sample, was NOT enthused about the color. Just an FYI. Some of you might choose a more traditional outerwear shade!

The Easy Folded Poncho pattern calls for 850-1000 yards, depending on adding the cowl or not. Suggested needle size is US #6.

The pattern, Easy Folded Poncho, is a download on Ravelry and can be knit with or without the cowl neckline. 

This soft pink would be a lovely choice for the poncho, too. It is Color 1755 Rosa/Pink. I’m always attracted to this color. It reminds me of the “Ashes of Roses” color of Meggie’s gown in the series “The Thornbirds.”

This is Florence, our headless studio mannequin. The sample was knit by Pat Duever, one of the crackerjack studio knitters who provide great support for Graywood Designs and me.

There are over 20 shades of Llamor available on our website.

And here is one more photo from the Grand Hotel. Nights on Mackinac Island can be cool and I packed the poncho as a coverup for evening walks. It worked great!

I hope you will look at Llamor and consider knitting a poncho. We are happy to order yarn for you, so if there are not enough balls of the color that you want, we will get them for you!

Happy knitting!