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Addi Turbo 40" Needles

Addi Turbo 40" Needles

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Here's the needle for fast knitting. A smooth join between the detachable tip and the cord prevents snagging and allows yarn to slide easily.

Slick, turbo finish on hollow brass tips won't rust. The pliable cords are stamped with metric and US sizes. Smooth joins prevent snagging and allow yarn to slide easily.  Slick, Turbo finish on hollow brass tips won't rust.  Pliable cords stamped with metric sizes. The perfect needle.

The addi Turbo circular needles are the perfect choice for yarns that tend to split, such as loose twists.  They are a great needle option when knitting multiple strands at the same time.  

Many of today's knitters prefer the flexibility of a fixed circular needle to that of their straight counterparts. These quality tools will not only increase you productivity, but they will also make your knitting experience relaxing and enjoyable.

  • Lightweight, hollow brass tips ---plated for speed and ease
  • Standard points for all-around use
  • Pliable blue nylon cords
  • Snag-free joins
Suggested Retail (varies by needle size): $14.50 to $22.50
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