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Zauberball Cotton by Schoppel

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The organic cotton version of popular Zauberball is here and it has been dyed in some of the favorite colors of classic Zauberball. And it has great yardage — 462 yards per ball.

Zauberball Cotton gives knitters a breathable, non-wool alternative for shawls and wraps, lightweight tops, pullovers and more. The cotton is soft. The gradient dyeing keeps your attention as you knit with this premium yarn. We think that in some colorways the color change will be dramatic; in others it will probably feel more subtle.

Zauberball Cotton has a very artsy element to it. Please note that every ball has its own custom made long colorway. Not all colors shown in photos will be found in all balls. Another thing to note is that the label instructs you to start knitting from the outside of the ball.

Just a reminder that although this yarn is the same gauge as sock yarn, Zauberball cotton does not contain nylon and might not be appropriate for sock knitting.

Content: 100% organic cotton
Skein size: 462 yards per 100 gram  ball
Recommended needle: US #0-2 (2.0-3.0 mm)
Gauge: approximately 7 stitches per inch
Retail: $19.95
Colors: Graywood Designs carries these colors as of August 2018
  • 2338 sea green, watermelon, yellow, apricot
  • 2339 reds from pink to dark
  • 2340 light/medium pink, green
  • 2341 pastels — lavender, off white, pale yellow, soft green
  • 2343 medium/dark —  blues
  • 2369 taupey brown with touch of medium lavender

Colors not in stock as of August 2018

  • 2342 blue, gray-green
  • 2370 pastel — blue, yellow, pink

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2338, 2339, 2340, 2341C, 2342, 2343, 2369, 2370

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