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Zauber Perlen by Schoppel Wolle

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Have you ever wished to know how much of each gradient color is in a ball? New from Schoppel-Wolle, Zauber Perlen is just that – a 7 mini ball collection which isolates each color within the gradient so it can be used however, and whenever, you’d like! Each mini ball contains approx. 63 yards. Great for accessories like shawls, and cowls, as well as larger projects like cardigans and pullovers. Let this yarn spark your imagination!


New! Zauber Perlen is a 4 ply gradient fade set made up of 7 small balls of yarn-a string of pearls.  Each little ball carries one strand on from the color beside it, so that you have 7 stages in the gradient.  You have the shades presented separately so that you can select how to apply them in your work.  Together the 7 little balls weigh 100 g and give you 400m in length


Content: 100% Virgin Merino Wool

Skein Size: 400 meters/440 yards per 100g ring.  Approximately 57 meters/63 yards per mini ball

Recommended Needle: US #0-2 (2-3mm)

Gauge: 7.5 stitches per inch

Suggested Retail: $29.95

Sale Price: 24.95

Colors: Graywood Designs carries 11 colors

  • 2413–Samsara–colorway of teal blue and white
  • 2414–Mezzosoprano–colorway of teal blue and pink
  • 2415–Soprano–colorway of bright pink and yellow
  • 2416–Baritone–colorway of yellow and black
  • 2417–Bass–colorway of black and white
  • 2418–Arabesque–colorway of bright pink and black
  • 2419–Burano–colorway of teal blue and yellow
  • 2420–Samarkand–colorway of teal blue and black
  • 2422–Tulipmania–colorway of bright pink and white
  • 2424–Lighthouse–colorway of bright yellow and white

New Color to Graywood Designs

  • 2460 Ritenuto–colorway of cornflower blue and teal

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2413 Samsara, 2414 Mezzosoprano, 2415 Soprano, 2416 Baritone, 2417 Bass, 2418 Arabesque, 2419 Burano, 2420 Samarkand, 2422 Tulipmania, 2424 Lighthouse, 2460 Ritenuto

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