Woodi by Hikoo



Now we know that Graywood Designs is a knitters paradise but this yarn, well, this yarn is for our crocheting friends.  Don’t worry, knitters, we would never leave you out! You will love the stability of this yarn.

NOTE: Woodi by Hikoo is new to Graywood for 2018.

Content: 53% Abaca Pulp, 47% Cotton

  • Abaca Pulp is extracted from the leaf steams of the abaca plant, a close relative to the banana plant.

Recommended needle size: US#7-8 (4.5-5.0 mm)

Gauge: approximately 3-4 stitches per inch

Skein size: 60 yards per 50 gram hank. (While Woodi will probably be used for crochet, we are thinking of it as a worsted weight product.)


  • 1014 Birch — white, like birch bark
  • 1015 Palm — a warm climate tan, leans slightly gold
  • 1016 Poplar–a golden yellow, leaning towards orange
  • 1017 Sequoia–a vibrant red, almost coral
  • 1018 Dogwood–a very chocolaty brown color
  • 1019 Spruce–a rich navy blue color
  • 1020 Tupelo–black with gray and blue tones

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1014 Birch, 1015 Palm, 1016 Poplar, 1017 Sequoia, 1018 Dogwood, 1019 Spruce, 1020 Tupelo

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