Simpliworsted Spray by Hikoo

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The same fiber content as its sister yarn Simplicity Spray is available in 200 gram cake.  Simpliworsted Spray by Hikoo is the yarn that you know and love.  It features a brand-new dye technique with a color palette that is entirely new.  This yarn will inspire your next sweater, blanket, or accessory.

Content: 55% Merino Superwash, 28% Acrylic, 17% Nylon

Skein size: 280 yards per 200 gram cake

Recommended Needle: US #10 (6mm)

Gauge: 4 Stitches per inch

Suggested Retail: $34.00

Our price: $26.95

Colors: Graywood Designs carries these colors as of March 2020

  • 669 Vintage
  • 670 Teal
  • 671 Chambray
  • 673 Pebble
  • 674 Power Purple
  • 675 Good Greens
  • 676 Color of the Year-Kind of a Big Teal

Update of March 2022: This yarn has been discontinued. Stock is limited to what we have on hand.


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669A Vintage, 670A Teal, 671A Chambray, 673A Pebble, 674A Power Purple, 675A Good Greens, 676A Color of the Year