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Simplicity Spray by Hikoo

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A sister yarn to HiKoo Simplicity, Simplicity Spray offers softness and color variations. You will love the soft feel as you create beautiful sweaters, scarves, and any accessory. The color, well, who doesn’t get a special thrill from innovative color?!

Spray is dyed using a new technique that can be called “sponal,” a combination of speckled plus tonal. Clearly there is a serendipitous twist to a yarn like Simplicity Spray!

Content: 55% Merino Superwash, 28% Acrylic, 17% Nylon

Skein Size: 456 yards per 200 gram cake

Recommended Needle: US 4-5; 3.5-4mm

Gauge: 5 stitches per inch


Colors: Graywood Designs carries these colors as of August 2019

  • 667 Girly—strong coral with a baby pink speckled with light heather grey
  • 668 Boyish—very subtle speckled blue in winter white
  • 669 Vintage—speckled subtle brown in winter white
  • 670 Teal—sea foam speckled with a teal blue & aquamarine
  • 671 Chambray—blue colorway speckled dark and lighter shades
  • 672 Coral—very subtle coral speckled shades light and dark
  • 673 Pebble—shades of black and grey speckled dark and light

New Colors Added March 2020

  • 674 Power Purple
  • 675 Good Greens
  • 676 Color of the Year-Kind of a Big Teal***Discontinued

Read more about this yarn and find possible patterns on our blog post “Let’s Talk About Simplicity Spray.”

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667 Girly, 668 Boyish, 669 Vintage, 670 Teal, 671 Chambray, 672 Coral, 673 Pebble, 674 Power Purple, 675 Good Greens, 676 Color of the Year