Shepherds Shades by Brown Sheep Update

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Here is a 6-ply yarn with great stitch definition. Wonderful for quick projects with ribs or cables or lace design. Even though the label indicates using a larger size needle, we like the knitted fabric that results from using US size 8 or 9 needles. We prefer the tighter knit structure, especially for winter hats and scarves. Shepherds Shades would make nice thick mittens, too.

On the other hand, when knit on a US #10 1/2 needle, providing 4 stitches to the inch, this yarn is a quick knit and yet shows stitch definition beautifully.

When knitting the Babies & Bears Sweater, we suggest using US #9 or 10 needles with this yarn for a firmer knit fabric. Not sure what color to knit for a new baby? Try a neutral like Dove Gray that will complement the soft complexion of any baby. Or give baby a sunny yellow color like Maize or Sunshine to brighten baby’s world.

Content: 100% wool, mothproofed

Recommended needle size: US #10 1/2, 4 stitches per inch

Gauge: 4 stitches per inch on US #10

Skein size: 131 yards (118 meters), 3.5 oz (100 gram), pull skein, 6 ply

Regular price: $9.40 per skein


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  • SS110 Pearl
  • SS121 Walnut
  • SS123 English Oak
  • SS150 Obsidian
  • SS184 Dove Grey
  • SS211 Azalea
  • SS212 Carnation Pink
  • SS213 Pink Sapphire
  • SS247 Rose Petal
  • SS283 Boysenberry
  • SS313 Carrot
  • SS316 Pineapple
  • SS331 Cayenne
  • SS333 Papaya
  • SS335 Apricot
  • SS411 Maize
  • SS414 Sunshine
  • SS416 Lemon Juice
  • SS521 Clover
  • SS541 Wild Asparagus
  • SS543 Reed
  • SS571 Split Pea
  • SS572 Celery
  • SS631 Lilac Spray
  • SS741 Wild Indigo
  • SS743 Azure
  • SS746 Blue Sky
  • SS781 Wedgewood
  • SS784 Rain
  • SS791 Weathered Teal
  • SS793 Ocean Floor

Hand Painted Shepherd Shades

  • SS800 Spring Meadow
  • SS810 Cranberry Mango

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SS110 pearl, SS121 walnut, SS123 english oak, SS150 obsidian, SS184 dove grey, SS211 azalea, SS212 carnation quartz, SS213 pink sapphire, SS247 rose petal, SS283 boysenberry, SS313 carrot, SS316 pineapple, SS331 cayenne, SS333 papaya, SS335 apricot, SS411 maize, SS414 sunshine, SS416 lemon juice, SS521 clover, SS541 wild asparagus, SS543 reed, SS571 split pea, SS572 celery, SS631 deep iris, SS633 lilac spray, SS741 wild indigo, SS743 azure, SS746 blue sky, SS781 wedgwood, SS784 rain, SS791 weathered teal, SS793 ocean floor, SS800 spring meadow, SS810 cranberry mango