Serendipity Tweed by Brown Sheep



Serendipity Tweed is a blend of 60% cotton and 40 % wool. Structured as a cabled tweed yarn, three of its strands are cotton and one, usually the softer color, is wool. The yarn has the softness of cotton and the resiliency of wool.

Serendipity Tweed makes wonderful garments for children or adults, as well as for hats, mittens, and socks. Be sure to see it’s partner yarn, Synchrony, a handpaint adaptation of Serendipity Tweed.

Content:  60% cotton; 40% wool

Needle Size/Gauge: 5 sts per inch on US#7

Skein Size: 3.5 ounce (100 gram) pull skein — 210 yards

Discontinued colors (Fall 2019)

  • ST66 Steel Blue
  • ST08 Sunflower
  • ST12 Water Lily Leaves
  • ST18 Soft Meadow
  • ST68 Striped Coral Root
  • ST60 Sweet Pea
  • ST83 Tuscan Olive
  • ST89 Heathered Plum
  • ST87 Peat Moss

Suggested pattern: Element, A Basic Knitted Wrap — uses two skeins of Serendipity Tweed. The model pictured uses color ST84, Nebraska Wheat.

Element is a stretch of knitting that is easy and simple. The design uses a single strand to create a rib and ladder fabric that is drapey and soft. Open ladders form a clever changeable buttonhole edge.

You can dive into your button collection and complete the wrap with one stunning button (or use a favorite brooch) and this versatile little wrap will drape over your shoulders with style. Wear it with a tank top and jeans for a jaunt to the ice cream store or think of this as a “dressed up and out to dinner” handknit garment. Pattern: Element, A Basic Knitted Wrap




Additional Information


ST01 baby’s breath, ST04 yellow buttercup, ST08 sunflower, ST12 water lily leaves, ST18 soft meadow, ST24 morning glory, ST32 indigo delphinium, ST44 moody blue flax, ST60 sweet pea, ST68 striped coral root, ST72 pink carnation, ST83 tuscan olive, ST84 Nebraska wheat, ST87 peat moss, ST89 heathered plum, ST92 black iris, ST94 garden green, ST98 blue spruce, ST66 steel blue