Simpliworsted Window Seat Blanket
Simpliworsted_042 buttercreamSimpliworsted_026 pale yellowSimpliworsted_024 bluebellSimpliworsted_023 lavendarSimpliworsted_060 silver blueSimpliworsted_036 silver hairSimpliworsted_009 aquamintSimpliworsted_020 chocolate milkSimpliworsted_021 bubblegumSimpliworsted_064 totally taupe

One Bag Baby Blanket

$79.75 $48.95


Here’s a project that is satisfying to knit — a baby blanket that you can knit from one bag (five skeins) of Simpliworsted by HiKoo. The yarn is soft and smooth and flows through your hands like butter. It is absolutely luscious worsted weight yarn.

Pattern: Choose from two possibilities, both designs by Fifty Four Ten Studio. Our sample was knit using “Window Seat Blanket.” You can also use “Meadow Lane Blanket.” You should get the smallest size (the baby size) out of a bag for either of these patterns. The pattern is NOT included with the yarn.

Needle: We used an AddiClick Rocket short tip set to make a 32″ long cable with US #9 tips.

Yardage: each skein contain 140 yards; five skeins equals 700 yards.

Color Families: We handpicked some gorgeous colors. We kept to lighter shades and we threw in some classy neutrals for those moms whose taste runs toward the non-traditional.

  • Yellow Family: 026 Pale Yellow, soft yellow; 042 Butter Cream. Our sample is knit in Butter Cream which is a pale gold.
  • Pink/purple Family: 021 Bubblegum, a deeper pale pink; 023 Lavendar, a lilac color.
  • Blue Family: 009 Aquamint, a pale teal; 024 Bluebell, lighter sky blue; 060 Silver Blue, a more grayed medium blue.
  • Neutral Family: 036 Silver Hair, palest gray; 020 Chocolate Milk, a very aptly named medium brown; 064 Totally Taupe, an awesome brown that’s grayed just right.

Keep in mind that if you want to make a larger blanket, you’ll have to mosey on over to our regular Simpliworsted page and order over there. This project is for one bag, one blanket, in the Baby size.

Retail price: $15.95 per skein; $79.75 per bag of 5 skeins of the same dye lot

Project price: $48.95

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009 aquamint, 020 chocolate milk, 021 bubblegum, 023 lavendar, 036 silver hair, 042 buttercream, 060 silver blue, 064 totally taupe, 024 bluebell, 026 Pale Yellow