NRS Sock Starter Kit



“Gee, I would like to learn to knit socks, but I don’t know where to start!”

That’s what we hear a lot. So, we have put together the elements that you need to get started. Use either red or purple yarn, your choice. It’s your first pair of socks, so don’t obsess over color too much. We suggest something not dark and not light, hence purple or red.

We add 2.75 mm needles or US #2 double pointed needles. They will seem small at first, but you need a smaller needle to get the finer stitches for socks that fit.

We include our NRS (Not Rocket Science Socks) pattern. It takes you step by step through the process and has lots of hints.

There. That’s it. You are ready to knit. If you’ve never used double pointed needles, we suggest that you find a You Tube video and settle down for some learning and some knitting.

Kit contents: 100 gram, 459 yard skein Trekking XXL; Set of 5 Clover Bamboo double pointed needles, US #2 (2.75 mm); NRS Sock Pattern

Retail value: $37.95

Our price: $27.95

A Graywood Knits Exclusive

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NRS purple, NRS Red