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Nature Spun by Brown Sheep



Here’s a worsted weight 3-ply wool yarn that is a basic. Three ply construction gives a smoothness to any yarn; the plys twine around each other to create a rounded strand. That roundness makes for a smooth surface so that cable or lace knitting designs or double crochets really show up. In the knitting world, we call that stitch definition — this yarn has it.

>>>>> Teaching moment: Two strands, plied together, always have a flat spot where strand one crosses strand two. Add a third strand and it fills in that flat spot and creates the rounded look of a 3-ply yarn. (End of teaching moment!) <<<<<<

We like Brown Sheep’s commitment to the environment. They use an environmentally-friendly system for recycling the mill’s dye water and recycle water in their manufacturing process. We also like the fact that they are a heartland company located in rural Nebraska, much like Graywood Designs is located in rural Michigan.

Wool’s vibrancy, breathability, resilience, and warmth are always welcome whether used for crochet or knitting. Nature Spun worsted brings all of those characteristics to the table in one yarn.

NOTE: Contrast Nature Spun, a 100% worsted 3-ply yarn, with our other favorite by Brown Sheep, Lamb’s Pride worsted which is single ply, 85% wool & 15% mohair. Both are great yarns. Both are on our website.

Content: 100% U.S. Wool, 3-ply, mothproofed

Skein Size: 245 yards per 100 gram (3.5 ounce) skein

Recommended Needle: US #7 (4.5 mm); Crochet hook size G

Suggested Retail: $11.90

We carry these colors as of June 2021:

  • N03 Grey heather — silver gray heather
  • N91 Aran –classic natural
  • N93 Latte — coffee with cream brown
  • N601 Pepper — onyx black
  • N701 Stone — light brown heather
  • N730 Natural — creamy white
  • N157 Boysenberry — dark berry fuchsia
  • N48 Scarlet — darker scarlet the color of bricks
  • N46 Red Fox — bright scarlet red
  • N308 Sunburst Gold — bright golden orange/yellow
  • N304 Golden Honey — dark goldenrod yellow/orange
  • N158 Fanciful Blue — dark teal blue
  • N147 True Blue Navy — true to the name dark navy blue
  • N120 Cresting Wave — turquoise blue
  • N110 Blue Berry — darkest of blue almost black
  • N56 Meadow Green —
  • N103 Deep Sea — dark kelly green
  • N20 Artic Moss — minty green
  • N112 Elf Green — bright emerald green

Suggested patterns:

Canyon Walk Hat by Graywood Designs — uses one skein.

Sensibility Shawl by Graywood Designs — uses 700 yards main color; 90 yards contrasting color.

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103W, 110W, 112W, 120W, 147W, 157W, 158W, 304W, 308W, 601W, 701W, 730W, N03W, N20W, N46W, N48W, N56W, N91W, N93W