Lace Ball by Schoppel Wolle

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From Schoppel Wolle in Germany comes this lace weight, multi colored yarn. Think lightweight shawls or scarves. This yarn will knit up into a lightweight wonder. Consider knitting a scarf or shawl for travel that will tuck into the corner of your carry on and give you style and warmth with little weight.

When working with the yarn, always pull the yarn from the outside of the ball. Because this yarn comes in a hand wound ball, you can start knitting immediately. No skeining or rewinding.

With laceweight yarns, knitters generally use a much larger size needle. Consider using a US#4 to US#6 to create a soft fabric and open up the loveliness of a lace pattern.

Content: 75% superwash wool; 25% nylon

Needle size: US #4-6 for a soft, open fabric, may be knit on US #1-3

Gauge: 5-7 stitches per inch on US #4-6

Skein size: 875 yards per 100 gram ball

Retail Price: 23.95


  • 1508 black/cream/gray
  • 1535 dusty blue/navy/navy black
  • 1536 orange/purple/red
  • 1564 teal/orange/gold-OUT OF STOCK Feb 2017
  • 1872 ombre burgundy/mauve/deep red***Discontinued September 2020
  • 1963 ombre reds
  • 1966 ombre greens***Discontinued September 2020
  • 1993 brown/gray/cream
  • 2134 brt blue/navy/navy black
  • 2082 magenta/red/deep brown