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Concentric by Hikoo

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This yarn, named after the concentric circles of gradient color, is fun and very special.  Our customers love the hearts in the center of each cake.

We get lots of comments on the softness of this yarn as knitters try on the Lotus poncho sample that is on display in our studio. Concentric is baby alpaca fiber and baby fiber (think kid mohair) is really soft. Baby fiber is usually first or second clip from an animal.

Concentric comes in 200 gram “cakes,” ready for knitting. The working yarn is made up of four 2-ply strands that are barely twisted. It is this lack of twist in addition to the the fiber (Concentric is 100% baby alpaca) that gives the yarn a soft, gentle feel.

Use Concentric for shawls, cowls, and scarves. Think lace patterns and openwork. Your knitting will be cozy and elegant.

Content: 100% Baby Alpaca

Skein size: 437 yards per 200 gram cake, worsted weight

Recommended needle: US #8 (5.0 mm)

Gauge: 5 stitches per inch

Suggested retail: $47.95

Colors: Graywood Designs carries colors available as of July 2019

  • 1023 Shades of Grey–this color scheme reminds of winter.  Dark charcoal grey into light grey with a winter white finish.
  • 1024 Shades of Brown–the chocolaty center goes into a wonderful caramel color with a light tan finish.
  • 1025 Pastel Pop–a tan center goes out into a light cornflower blue with a teal and green finish.
  • 1026 Burbs–starts with a dark charcoal into a scarlet with a tan and winter white finish.
  • 1027 Trixie–dark pink center goes out into lighter shades of pink and a light grey finish.
  • 1029 Shades of Blue–the dark navy blue center goes out into the lighter blue colors including corn flower and cobalt with a wonderful white finish.
  • 1031 Berry Good–lavender middle with a pink, wine, and plum purple finish.
  • 1032 Thomas–has a dark cobalt center into a heather grey, light grey, scarlet red finish.
  • 1033 Classically Trained–has a light grey center with heather grey into a caramel and light tan finish

New Colors for 2020

  • 1034 Shades of Purple–a purple lovers dream! Dark purple center goes into dark lavender with a light lavender finish
  • 2020 Color of the Year-Kind of a Big Teal–dark teal center goes out into lighter shades of teal with a very light teal almost mint green finish

Recommended patterns:  All of these designs would show off the color changes in Concentric.

Concentric Chevron Cowl — FREE download.   ♥ Easy to knit on a circular needle.

Chevron Cowl

Sensibility Shawl by Graywood Designs — FREE download  ♥  We suggest using a US #9 needle for this shawl that begins with 78 stitches cast on. Ignore the directions to change yarn color and let the gradients in Concentric define the shawl.

Lotus Poncho — Ravelry download  ♥  Just a lovely garment! the Lotus Poncho pattern is a $5 download and is knit on circular needles. It has a lace bottom and ends at the neckline with a wide bind off. Perfect garment for cool weather or air conditioned spaces.

Lotus Poncho

♥ Blog Post — “Knitting With Concentric”  Read more about the yarn.

Blog Post — “Knitting With Concentric — Post 2” Wanda writes about starting a Sensibility Shawl pattern using Concentric.

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1021 Rainbow’s Beginning, 1023 Shades of Grey, 1024 Shades of Brown, 1025 Pastel Pop, 1026 Burbs, 1027 Trixie, 1028 Autumnal, 1029 Shades of Blue, 1030 Heartstrings, 1031 Berry Good, 1032 Thomas, 1033 Classically Trained, 1034 Shades of Purple, 2020 Color of the Year

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