Addi Click — SOS Cords



Lifeline insertion cords for the Addi Click interchangeable needle system.

Each cord end has a lifeline eyelet. To open the eyelet, grasp the cord on each side of the eyelet and press together. Thread your lifeline yarn through the eyelet and continue working as normal. When not in use, the eyelet collapses on itself and disappears into the cord.

What is a lifeline? It is a separate strand of yarn or crochet cotton that is threaded through a row of knitting. The lifeline stays behind as the knitting progresses. A lifeline not only marks a row, but it allows you to rip the knitting back to the lifeline, rethread the stitches onto the needle and resume knitting from a previous spot.

Many lace knitters use a lifeline as a baseline for more complex patterns. Other knitters insert a lifeline every so often, just to make sure that they can always reverse any mistakes in their knitted work.

The SOS cords come packaged in an 3 cord assortment of one cord each of 24, 32, 40″ lengths, or a package of three (3) 40″ cords.

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24″+32″+40″ cords, 3 x 40″ cords