My Coffee Shawl

A cup of coffee, maybe two, in the morning and my knitting are the start of my day. I cast on a one skein shawl, this one, in late August using Zauberball Cotton in a gradient that features brown to taupe to dull pink. Since the ball started with brown, I’m calling this my Coffee Shawl. It might be just the thing to wrap around my shoulders on a cold morning this fall!
I usually like lots of color when I knit, so this coffee color is different. As I knit, I’m seeing pinks and taupe appear in the gradients. The color change is subtle, a nice change from the rainbow hued yarns I often use.
Those are AddiClick lace needles in the long tip version, the pink set, with US #4 (3.5 mm) tips attached. The knitting has been smooth and easy, thanks to the tapered tips on the lace needles.
The pattern, Reyna by Noora Backlund, is a free Ravelry download and includes a neat set of tick boxes that caught my attention. “Hmm,” I thought, “how could those little rows of boxes help get me through rows of knitting?”
What I have discovered is that the tick off boxes give me a visual clue of how much knitting I have done and how much I have left to do. I like the energy that the visual creates. As a result, my Coffee Shawl is progressing well.
Each Zauberball Cotton label shows the gradient in a tiny photo on the label so you will have an idea of what colors might be in a ball. It’s an artsy fartsy yarn with long colorways, so a color that you see just might not show up in the ball that you are using.
Here’s Color 2370 with lots of color and tonalities. Zauberball Cotton is 100% organic cotton that is sourced in Greece and comes in 100 gram balls that are 462 yards. The manufacturer suggests using the ball from the outside.
Try knitting with this new yarn. I’m enjoying it and you will, too.
Happy knitting,