Meet El Linio — a shadow painted yarn

Here’s El Linio, a 100% linen yarn that has a chainette construction. The colors are variegated, but oh so subtly variegated, due to the shadow painting of this yarn. The range of colors is inviting, too.

Linen is strong and has very little, if any, give. This yarn will handle more like cotton as you work with it. Linen softens with washing and it is known as a cool-to-wear fiber.

Considering all of this, we thought this yarn might make up into a shopping tote, the kind that has a net-like stitch and expands as you stuff things into it. Something strong and stretchy!

We chose a free download pattern from, the Ilene Bag. Studio knitter Pat made up our sample in color #2286 “Reed,” a soft mid toned green. We LOVE the resulting totebag!

Stuffed full of yarn, the Ilene Bag is on display with our El Linio yarn in our showroom where we have added a big pot of ivy in a fresh green to accent the greens.

A second sample that uses El Linio is crocheted — the Windowpane Scarf. Crochet guru Tamie did this sample for us. The pattern has repeating squares and is really fun to crochet. Tamie used Color #2345 “A Dime A Dozen” which has very little tonal change in it. Honestly, we’d choose another color if we redid this sample!

(And yes, that’s Crazy Zauberball, crocheted into the sample on the left. We will try just about anything in Zauberball!)

Try some El Linio. It will feel very different to handle, but that’s the challenge of yarn, isn’t it!?