Little Zauberball Sock


I had fun knitting a little Zauberball sock this week. My favorite pair of big handknit socks (these are the socks that get tucked into my rollabout so my feet have some covering in cold hotel rooms) are Color 1507 in the yarn known as Crazy Zauberball.

Wanting to try out the new Addi FlipStix, I cast on a bunch of stitches and ribbed for a few inches. Did a heel flap, turned the heel, and knit the gusset. A little foot knitting and a shaped toe followed.

Presto, Eduardo! There was the little Zauberball sock, and it was pretty much the miniature of my adult sized pair.

Zauberball Crazy — sock weight yarn, 420 meters per 100 gram ball

Addi FlipStix — set of 5 double pointed needles, one pointy end, one rounded end  I used the 2.75 mm size.

So should I write up this little sock into a pattern? Let me know!!

Happy knitting,