HiKoo Sueno — A Yarn for Dreaming

We have added more colors of HiKoo’s Sueno to our website and want to alert you to the luscious texture and knitability of this yarn. Sueno comes in solids and is also available in tonal shades as Sueno Tonal.

Sueno is a blend of merino wool and bamboo, 3 ply, rounded, easy to knit, washable. Each 100 gram skein has 255 yards. Because of the rounded nature of a 3 ply yarn, you will get excellent stitch definition as you knit. Some knitters are finding that Sueno gives a gauge of 7-8 stitches per inch for socks OR you might find that you can push the gauge to 5 stitches per inch for a sweater weight fabric.

Sueno means “dream” in Spanish and it is that dream quality that knitters like as they relish the softness and workability of this yarn.

Most knitters learn to experiment with needle size and adjust their gauge as needed. With a yarn like Sueno, you can decide if you like a firm knit fabric or maybe something looser. It’s up to you, the knitter, to feel your way into a fabric you want with the needle size you like.

Manatee Tonal

Bowl of Raspberries Tonal

Read more about Sueno and Sueno Tonal on our website and take a look at the colors in this fine yarn.

Cobblestone Road Tonal

Dusty Rose

Bast Tonal

Shifting Sands