Free Patterns from Graywood Designs

There are two FREE patterns on our website for knitters so far. The new website gives us the opportunity to share PDFs with knitters and we hope that you will take a look at these designs.
image_softie_400x600There’s Softie Hat that’s knit using sock yarn and circular needles. The ribbing is knit on a smaller needle than the body of the hat so that the ribbing clings around your ears. It’s a nice warm touch that doesn’t flatten a hair style. This hat folds quite small and easily fits into a daybag or pocket. Wanda Eichler is the designer; Barb Main, one of the GW Studio knitters, is the model. Gloria Swartzendruber and Kathy Kent, also studio knitters, worked on the proofreading and photography for this pattern.



The Sensibility Shawl is also a free download. It uses worsted weight yarn to create a shawl that’s almost an afghan. The lace design is accented by bands of contrasting color. We like this shawl for draping around shoulders during morning coffee or when reading. It’s just warm enough to be comforting. The knitting goes fast on a US #10 needle; the shawl uses 700 yards of worsted for main color and 90 yards of a contrasting color. We suggest the warmth of wool for this design. Try Lamb’s Pride Worsted by Brown Sheep. It’s available in lots of colors and is a joy to knit.

When you click on the “Download Now” button on these pattern pages, you receive a PDF of the pattern which you can save to a file on your computer or print out.

Both of these free downloads are also available on Ravelry, the social media knitting site that’s used by knitters from around the world. We hope that as you knit our patterns you will spread the word about the classic knitting patterns from Graywood Designs.