Five Reasons to LOVE Lace Long Tip Addi Clicks

Addi Click Lace Tip interchangeable needles are a gem of an idea in the knitting world. Here are five reasons why knitters like the sets of Addi Click Lace Tip needles.


REASON NUMBER 1 — Tapered Tips:  The set comes with needle tips that are long enough (over 5 inches long) to hang on to while knitting. The needle fits comfortably in your hand as your fingers grip the shaft. That’s the “long” part of the description. Each needle is tapered to a point that narrows, allowing that point to slide into a stitch or two stitches quickly and smoothly. That narrowing is the “lace” part of the description. Dropped stitches are almost a thing of the past. Decreases like K2tog and SSK are easier to perform with the tapered tip.

Addi Click Long Lace Set


REASON NUMBER 2 — Multiple sizes in one set:  Each set contains 8 sizes of tips, including US sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Pliable cables which attach to a pair of tips create 24″, 32″, and 40″ needles. The tips attach to the cable with a simple twist and stay secure until you change them.

Addi Click Long Lace Set

REASON NUMBER 3 — Lifeline slits: The cables that come with this set have a unique slit at each end that allow you to thread a lifeline right through your stitches as you knit. These cables, called addi Lifeline cords, were developed for lace knitting where it is easy to get off in stitch counts. Knitters who discover the lifeline process use it in almost every project that they do.


REASON NUMBER 4 — Handy case: The set comes packaged in a handy case that keeps the needles and cables handy and catalogued. A connector and a gold heart pin are also included. The case slips into your knitting bag and keeps multiple needles close at hand.

Addi Click Long Lace Set

REASON NUMBER 5 — Smooth coating: A smooth nickel plating added to the Addi Click lace tips allows for faster knitting. This plating, not found on Addi Lace circular needles, brings speed and comfort to your knitting.