Eye Surgery and Knitting

It was late spring when I put my knitting down. Poor eyesight made knitting into a frustration.

I was pulling out rows and unable to determine where the loops and strands were anymore. Even with closeup glasses for computer use and playing piano, my eyesight was worsening due to cataracts. I knew last summer that I would need to do something to help my vision. Now the surgery was scheduled and I was determined to keep knitting, but just found it irritating and bothersome.

So here I am, almost three months later. There have been two surgeries that were coupled with multiple pre-operative and post-operative appointments. I have had hundreds of drops placed in both eyes. I have navigated an out patient surgical situation twice. I endured split vision (one eye corrected; one eye not) for a while. I made decisions about closeup vision and distance vision and types of inter-ocular lens implants.

eyesight & knitting

Recent eyeglasses that I have worn

The end result is miraculous. I have been extremely myopic (you might know myopia as nearsightedness) all my life and have worn glasses or contact lenses since grade school days. Now my distance vision is 20/10, something I never even dreamed would be possible for me as I got older.

I chose to have both my eyes corrected for distance vision so I do have to wear reading glasses for closeup work like knitting, but last night I picked up a shawl project that uses worsted weight yarn on US #9 needles and knit away without glasses.

That project that I set aside with disgust in late March? The one with split stitches and a row count that was off by several stitches? I pulled it out and corrected the mistakes. The frustrations of the past were gone and I’m moving ahead on the lace pattern.

Am I a happy camper with my new vision? You bet!

Happy knitting,