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Hitchhiker Shawl Notes

I’m finishing my second Hitchhiker Shawl, a Martina Behm design, which is much loved on Ravelry. This post contains some of my knitting notes and a photo gallery of knitting the shawl. I keep track of how many notches or teeth there are along one edge of the shawl. Writing down the number of notches […]


2018 Holiday Coupon

Enjoy a 25% discount on your holiday order. Use Coupon Code Holiday25. Coupon expires 31 December 2018. Good on regular and, and this is cool, also good on sale items. Okay, so you have been salivating over a set of AddiClick Rocket tip interchangeable needles. The brown set with short tips, because you like to […]

Coupon Code: $10SCARF

Use Coupon Code $10SCARF for one of our limited edition gift scarf kits! We are moving on to newer things so these scarf kits have to go! Retail value on these kits is upwards of $25, but we want them gone. There are only FIVE left. . . . . Skinny Green Scarf Kit  1 […]

Keeping a Knitting Journal

My knitting journals are a constant source of inspiration and technical help. I write mostly in pencil. The notes can be cryptic (what color DID I use?) or well written (stitch by stitch). My knitting life is enriched by this pile of books. Read further to learn more about how I keep my journals and use […]


Knitting with HiKoo Concentric — Post 2

I started knitting Sensibility Shawl, a free download pattern from the Graywood Designs website, because I wanted to try a lace pattern using HiKoo Concentric,a 100% alpaca yarn that comes in a 200 gram cake. I chose the color “Trixie” that moves from a soft raspberry to deep gray to a hint of pink to […]