Barn Owl Totebag — Our First Project Bag

Introducing our first project bag for knitters and crocheters! Here’s one of my artworks translated into a sturdy project bag. I photographed this barn owl at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum where I have studied scratchboard with artist Cathy Sheeter. Her work is stunning and she is a gracious teacher. Cathy helped me nail the color and texture on this interpretation of the owl.

Scratchboard is a subtractive process. You start out with a piece of clayboard that is black. It’s covered with a coating of black ink. Using tools like an Xacto knife, tattoo needles, and sandpaper, the artist removes the black using fine lines and shading. Then acrylic inks (or watercolor or oil) is brought into the shading. There’s more scratching, more inking that takes place before the artist declares a piece finished.

The original piece of art is 8 x 10 and is owned by friends here in the Thumb of Michigan who like to collect art. They live in the country and enjoy wildlife. You can find more art that I have done on my art website.

The bag is sturdy and will hold a lot of knitting and crochet stuff. I like bags of this size for holding one special project, like a shawl or cardigan. Read more about it on our Graywood Designs website. 

Order yours today or snatch one up for a special friend’s birthday. Owls are always popular with their attitude and sense of wisdom.



PS Just for the fun of it, here’s a back of the envelope ink drawing of a baby Great Horned Owl that was born in a nest up in the rafters of machine shed of one of my Arizona friends. It’s fun to draw owls.