April KAL — A Baby Sweater

Hello again everyone!

As spring begins to bloom again we are pleased to offer our knitters this fun opportunity with the Progressive Needles KAL sponsored by Skacel.  Join Michelle “Knit Purl” Hunter as she leads you through creating a baby sweater called “Adorable Ewe”.

This project is absolutely brimming with the most essential sweater knitting skills.  What a great way to strengthen your abilities as a knitter and, if you are wondering if you are up to the task of knitting a garment, Michelle tells us that if you can increase and decrease (i.e. you are an advanced beginner), you can make this project.

Michelle’s suggested colors

We have 23 colors of HiKoo Simpliworsted yarn for you to choose from. HiKoo Simpliworsted yarn is soft, washable, and durable.  It will be soft on baby’s skin and easy to care for.

Make this project in soft gray and be ready for that next baby reveal shower! OR plan two sweaters  in both boy and girl colors. The knitting should go fast you and you can move from Project #1 to Project #2 easily.

This project will have a sheep theme, so be sure to read Michelle’s posts before you settle on your color scheme. We have ordered the “sheepy” buttons, too. And for those of you who prefer a more sedate approach to design, we ordered the metal circles buttons, too.

Here is what you will need:

  • 2 hanks of HiKoo Simpliworsted (main color)
  • 1 hank of HiKoo Simpliworsted in a natural “sheepy” color
  • 1 hank of HiKoo Simpliworsted in black
  • 1 24″ addi circular needle in US 9 (5.5mm)
  • 1 32″ addi circular needle in US #8 (5.0mm)
  • 4 5/8″ buttons

The size of this sweater will be for infant 6 months.  This sweater would be adorable on girls and boys.

What a precious gift to give to the new baby in  your life.  Perhaps this sweater created with such love in every knit and purl will be become a precious family heirloom.

The KAL is set to  begin on Thursday, April 6th with a portion of the pattern revealed each Thursday in April at 9 am Eastern. The KAL is free. You don’t have to register. But we do urge you to follow along and learn more about the art of knitting. AND we have a nice discounted price on Simpliworsted (to tantalize your knitting plans!)

More information can be found at Michelle’s Knit Along page.  Make sure to visit starting April 6th to download your copy of the pattern.  By the way, if you finish the sweater by May 15th you are eligible for a prize drawing sponsored by Skacel.

More information can be found at Skacel’s website, including the information on how to enter their prize drawing.

Happy Knitting!


PS  Hi!

This is Wanda. Maureen wrote our KAL post and did a fine job! I want to underscore a few things.

  1. If you have not been knitting with premium yarn, now might be the time to try the more expensive yarns that we offer by knitting this little sweater. The character and feel of better yarns make the cost well worth it.
  2. KALs are as much about learning new skills as they are about completing a project. Challenge yourself! It’s like taking a class in your own living room!
  3. Even though the KAL is a mystery, you can “beat the rap” by waiting to start knitting until one or two weeks have gone by. By the middle of April, you will be able to see the project and get those needles clicking without the mystery element.
  4. Happy Knitting (again!)