Sueno by HiKoo



Made in Peru, Sueno is a blend of soft superwash merino and bamboo, and is made with strength and wearability in mind. The perfect amount of spring (some knitters call this “bounce”) makes knitting with it a pleasure, and allows for a variety of suitable gauges. Try this yarn at a sock gauge of 8 stitches per inch; or use it at sweater gauge of 5 stitches per inch. The roundness and bounce will allow versatility in gauge and needle size.

Available in a wide range of lustrous solids, this washable yarn is perfect for socks, sweaters, accessories, kids garments, and hard-wearing garments that will last a lifetime.

Sueno (pronounced “Swen-Yo”) means “dream” in Spanish, and that alone gives a big clue as to the pleasure of knitting with this yarn.

Content:  89% washable merino wool, 20% viscose from bamboo

Recommended Needle Size:  US #3-7, 3.25 – 4.5 mm

Gauge: 5-6 stitches per inch

Skein Size: 255 yards per 100 gram skein

Companion yarn: HiKoo Sueno Tonal

Colors that we carry as of May 2017:

  • 1193 Buttercream — soft yellow, so hard to find
  • 1190 Chartreuse — vibrant yellow green, this color absolutely sings when paired with 1150 Plum
  • 1164 Slated — really a sea green, teal type color
  • 1151 Forget Me Not
  • 1135 Indigo — deeper blue with intense highlights
  • 1108 Shifting Sands
  • 1152 Dusty Rose — think “Ashes of Roses,” like Maggie’s gown in “The Thornbirds”
  • 1125 Paprika — Rusty, yet vibrant red-orange, good color to wear if you don’t like orange or red
  • 1182 Dusty Lilac
  • 1137 Steel Blue
  • 1124 Barn Door
  • 1150 Plum — toned down purple, leans toward deeper lilac, luscious color
  • 1123 Blush
  • 1110 Gray — mid value gray, does not shade toward brown or blue as grays is wont to do
  • 1101 Gray Heather


Bristle Cone Beanie — uses one skein of Sueno

Travelling Cable Beanie — uses one skein of Sueno


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1101 grey heather, 1110 grey, 1123 blush, 1135 indigo, 1150 plum, 1151 forget me not, 1164 slated, 1190 chartreuse, 1193 buttercream, 1108 shifting sands, 1124 barn door, 1125 paprika, 1137 steel blue, 1152 dusty rose, 1182 dusty lilac