Graywood LOVES Instagram!

image_turnasquare_bluegrayYou bet I do!

Instagram uses a photo blogging format, one that I’m pretty familiar with since I wrote a daily blog post for my Dad for over two years. Dad lived in Wisconsin and I’m in Michigan, so the daily photo post with a few paragraphs was a great way to keep in touch. You can read that blog, From Under the Willow, HERE.

My kids always told me, “Mom, you’d really enjoy Instagram!” I, however, resisted, thinking that I had enough social media options in my life (Ravelry, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Out of curiosity I started a generalized Instagram account (@wjeichler) this year that is pretty much based around my photography, art, and gardening interests. That turned out to be so much fun as I learned the Instagram platform and began cross posting from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter.

Well, to make a long story short, Graywood Designs is now on Instagram.  Often there are five posts in a week that feature yarn, knitting, and any and all things knitting related. There are occasional inspirations sketches and drawings. They carry the tag #knitspiration. And, in order to preserve sanity, I take a break now and then. Yep, I put my devices down and. . . knit!

You can follow Graywood Designs on Instagram where we are @graywood_designs. You will see various colors of the yarns that we carry. You can follow the knitting of socks and scarves and sweaters and swatches. And, you can get a glimpse of luscious color and texture through the photos that I post.

I hope you will find us on Instagram!

Happy knitting